P.A #24- Senior softball game

The final senior softball game was so much fun at school. It’s scary to think that that was the last event that we will all do together besides grad.   


P.A #23- Dance

We had a great year of dance although it came to an end two weeks ago. Our final recital went well and I’m excited for next year!   

Now What?

Seeing as how my 18th birthday is on this wednesday, I am finally able to just get my very own passport. A passport is required for me to get the majority of things on my list done, and also it’s about time I got one. This may seem very simple to most people but it is the first step in working my way down my list and getting many things crossed off. People are always surprised when they find out that I don’t have a passport because they’ve just had one their whole lives and just sort of take it for granted. It’s not really something you think about. It is actually a very exciting thing for me. In a way, getting my own  passport represents me becoming an adult and it  makes me my own person. This  grants me the freedom to go where I want, when I want and with who I want so I can  do with it what I will. It is very important for me to get this done so that I can actually start planning what I want to do first! It opens up every possibility for me because traveling plays a very vital role in most of the things that I want to do before I die. I want so badly to experience other parts of the world so I am very looking forward to crossing the first item off my bucket list, because after that there is much bigger and better things to come.

My Bucket List

1- Get a passport

2- Volunteer in Africa

3- Kiss a giraffe

4- Pay for someones drive thru order

5- Backpack Europe

6- Visit places in the UK to learn about where my family came from

7- Swim in a waterfall

8- Visit Harry Potter World

9- Scuba dive with sharks

10- Study abroad

11- Surf in at least 4 countries

12- Rock climb an actual cliff face

13- Cliff jummp in Jamacia

14- Parasail

15- Kite surf

16- Barefoot ski

17- Bareback ride a horse

18- Hang glide

19- Travel by plane

20- Go in a water plane

21- Go in a helicopter

22- Gap the wake

23- Travel by train

24- Test drive luxury vehicles

25- Graduate

26- Work with a professional sports team

27- Visit every province in Canada

28- Attend CMA fest in Nashville

29- Get tattoos

30- Vote

31- Go dog sledding in the Yukon

32- Go on a blind date

33- Go to the Olympics

34- Go on a yacht

35- Own my own vehicle

36- See Jimmy Fallon live in New York

37- Go sailing in Greece

38- Get better a slalom skiing

39- Go multiperson wake boarding

40- Go on a gondola ride in Italy

41- Go to the pyramids in Egypt

42- Start skating again

43- Go golfing

44- Sky diving

45- Get my motorcycle License

46- Go to a Nascar race

47- Spend a new years in NYC

48- Go to the casino (and win)

49- Watch a horse race at the downs

50- Ride an elephant

51- See the 7 wonders of the world

Authors Note

Initally, coming up with a bucket list was very easy for me once I got started. After I had written down a sufficent amount of things, it became clear to me that the theme that seemed to be trending in my bucket list was traveling, and doing adventurous/ adrenaline seeking things. There are 7 people in my family, so we have never actually traveled anywhere (unless you count Kenora, Ontario which is 45 minutes away from my families summer home). I actually do not have a passport, because I haven’t ever needed one. I feel like there is so much out there to see and experience and I’ve already missed out on so much in my 17 years of being on earth. That is why it’s so important for me to branch out on my own and see things. I find that I feel sort of deprived of culture so I really feel the need to start to experience new things and new places. I also am a thrill seeker. I love a good adrenaline rush so there are lots of extreme things that I would love to do before my time is up.