My Bucket List

1- Get a passport

2- Volunteer in Africa

3- Kiss a giraffe

4- Pay for someones drive thru order

5- Backpack Europe

6- Visit places in the UK to learn about where my family came from

7- Swim in a waterfall

8- Visit Harry Potter World

9- Scuba dive with sharks

10- Study abroad

11- Surf in at least 4 countries

12- Rock climb an actual cliff face

13- Cliff jummp in Jamacia

14- Parasail

15- Kite surf

16- Barefoot ski

17- Bareback ride a horse

18- Hang glide

19- Travel by plane

20- Go in a water plane

21- Go in a helicopter

22- Gap the wake

23- Travel by train

24- Test drive luxury vehicles

25- Graduate

26- Work with a professional sports team

27- Visit every province in Canada

28- Attend CMA fest in Nashville

29- Get tattoos

30- Vote

31- Go dog sledding in the Yukon

32- Go on a blind date

33- Go to the Olympics

34- Go on a yacht

35- Own my own vehicle

36- See Jimmy Fallon live in New York

37- Go sailing in Greece

38- Get better a slalom skiing

39- Go multiperson wake boarding

40- Go on a gondola ride in Italy

41- Go to the pyramids in Egypt

42- Start skating again

43- Go golfing

44- Sky diving

45- Get my motorcycle License

46- Go to a Nascar race

47- Spend a new years in NYC

48- Go to the casino (and win)

49- Watch a horse race at the downs

50- Ride an elephant

51- See the 7 wonders of the world


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