Visual representation 


12 thoughts on “Visual representation 

  1. I really like how complex and colourful your video was! It was really interesting to watch and I love the travel animation in the background. When did your love of giraffes start? I think it is pretty unique that a lot of your goals have to do with water sports, do you think that is because of you growing up at the lake?


    1. In grade 5 I started to like them! And yeah I do, there are a lot of things that I have gotten to experience at the lake that have inspired me. Also, I like being able to keep up with the boys


  2. I like your Now What. I think that getting a passport is really something to be excited about! Most people don’t really think much of having a passport but I bet you must be excited to get one and begin your bucket list!


  3. Nice choice in music! All your visual images were really clear and well thought out. I like how you plan to travel a lot throughout your life! What is the next place you want to travel to?


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