6 Word Memoir #6


a) The image and the words fit together because it portrays a big part of my childhood. When I was younger I was painfully shy, and this picture shows how uncomfortable I look in my facial expression. I was always found right near one of my parents or gramma because of my shyness, and I didn’t talk around any other people, just held onto my mom. My mom looks natural and is holding onto me tight, which also goes with the text above because it shows how close we are.

b) This is actually a photo of a photo, so I did some slight editing like sharpening it in order to make it more clear and visable.

c) The colon clarifies the message by establishinig an era (my childhood) right off the bat. The period that follows ends the sentence properly and clarifies the message by keeping it short.

d) I chose handwritting as the font because my mom has the most beautiful hand writing I’ve ever seen, and it reminded me of her. Also, it’s classic and helps show that this picture is from the past. I made the colour blue because that is the colour of my mom’s shirt, and I wanted to match that. I placed the writing along the top of the picture because it’s nice and simple, and doesn’t cover or take anything away from the image below.


6 Word Memoir #5


a) The text goes with the photo because you can clearly see that in the photo (presentence), the dog is just a little puppy. She looks so cuddle and happy on my lap that you can imagine her never wanting to leave. When she was still that age, our puppy wouldn’t go to sleep without cuddling and if you tried to put her down she would cry, so the text is implying that that won’t change. When dogs get older, they often don’t relaize how big they get and lot’s of people find it so cute when big dogs think they’re still the size of a cat and can just jump up and cuddle on you.

b) I edited this photo with the white top and bottom so that my leg and the puppy are the main focus. Also, I slightly darkened the image so that it looks cozy and cuddly with a nighttime vibe, as this was taken on my kitchen floor at 1 am.

c) The colon after the first word sets the time periods, so it’s clear that I am about to make a prediction about this picture will be different when she grows up. upon reading the rest, it is clear that The only thing that will be changing about the picture is the size of the dog, not our positioning.

d) I made the font plain and simple because it is a prediction being made. I chose to make the first word white, tstick out on her dark coat and I placed that word in the top corner so that you read it first, and establish that I am commenting on how the relationship in the image below will be changing and that the image is not in the future. I made the second part pink because it matched the kisses on my robe, which are a nice accent to the colour scheme of the image and pink is a ice colour for a baby girl, (even those that are kanines). I placed the pink part along the bottom to show that the puppy is on my lap, and 75 pounds will be a very heavy lap dog! You can really tell the behaviour of the puppy from how she looks like she never wants to move, and looks so calm and peaceful.

6 Word Memoir #4


a) The text matches this image because this is my grad picture, and the text has to do with the future. The message here is that after I graduate, I’m out of highschoool forever and I have real world problems to worry about. All I have ever known is school, so it’s scary thinking that after I’m done, nothing is guaranteed anymore.

b) I didn’t edit this photo at all because it was profesionally taken and there was no reason. I did add the white sides so that nothing had to be cropped off the top or bottom in order to post as a square because the whole image is important to the message.

c) I used a comma to clarify the message because it separates the first 3 words from the last 3. That is important because it accentuates how we work so hard and for what result? It allows each half of 3 words to really sink in and gives them full impact.

d) I chose handwriting because it is accociated with formality and class, which is what graduating is all about. It’s more professional and “grown up” in my mind. I made it red bvecause red is accociated with urgency and uncertainty, which is what the message is conveying. (It also makes it really stand out and contrast from the sense of confidence that my pose and expression show in the picture). I placed the text along the bottom because it doesn’t take away from the image above, and it is near the diploma. The arrow was intionally placed above the word “work” because we work so hard for what is really just a piece of paper.The diploma is a symbol of 13 years of hard work and schooling. It’s what we do with that paper after that is important.

6 Word Memoir #3


a) The text goes with the picture because I am clearly watching and helping my little sister to learn how to do one of my top favourite summer activities, wake surfing. You can tell that she is unsteady on the board, and I am holding the rope to guide her on the wave. It is important to me because I am able to pass on the priviledges that I have had the chance to get (learning to surf and having the oppourtunity to do it often) onto my sister. When she’s older and her own friends have boats, she will already have skills to impress everyone with.

b) On this photo I editied it to bring out the blue of the water and sky, and our tanned skin. I did this to accentuate the summer vibe even though it doesn’t appear to be the nicest day.

c) I didn’t use any punctuation here because I wanted it to just look like a caption, and people don’t normally use punctuation on a short caption.

d) I chose the font because it looked smooth and summer-like to me, like the water. I chose to colour the font a blue that was darker than the water so it would stand out, but still be blue, which is the main colour in this photo and portrays the setting of us being in the middle of the lake. I placed the writing right above my sister and I because that is the part of the photo that conveys the message of the memoir, so it’s easy to make a connection.

6 Word Memoir #2


a) You can see clearly how the image and the words fit together here when you look at all of our faces from right to left. This is a picture of my 3 sisters and I and I always say this picture describes all of us perfectly. Keira (the baby) looks cute and adorable, as usual. Next, Keely is smiling perfectly, and then I have a very forced smile on my face, (always trying to agree, even if i don’t) so that everyone is happy.. The funnest part of the picture is my sister Kaelyn’s face (left) because it’s well known by everyone that she is the hardest to please. All of our personalities have not changed since this picture was taken all those years ago so it really conveys our attitudes and how there is a lot of compromise involved in being one of 4 sisters.

b) I put an old style filter on this photo to show that it is the past.

c) The exclaimation mark is supposed to be a little sarcastic and funny. It’s not a statement, but kind of a fact that we all have to accept.

d) I made the font girly, because it’s just us 4 girls. I chose white because it was nice and bright and stood out, and also matched Kaelyns shirt, who is very important to the message of the memoir. I decided to place the first 4 words on an upward diagional because the height of us four is increasing, as well as our level of happiness in that moment. I put the 6th word “happy” right above Kaelyn’s head for ironic purposes because she is the only one in the picture who is clearly not happy.

6 Word Memoir #1


a) The image and the words fit together in this memoir because the picture is an origional of me from this past summer. One of my favourite things to do is lay in the sun and read a ook at my cabin. I say I would rather have a sunburn because I often find myself thinking that durin the winter when my face is windburnt and my hands and feet are freezing cold. I hate winter and love summer so this memoir really conveys that part of who I am.

b) On this photo, I added the white border on the sides so that I was able to post it as a square without cutting out any of the top or bottom, which are important aspects of the picutre. I didn’t do any other editing because I wanted to show the true image of how the sun looks on my legs and all of the different aspects of the background.

c) I didn’t need to use punctuation to convey this message because it is more of a thought that I often have in my head.

d) I chose the font because I thought it looked fun and reminded me of summer.I decided to make the text yellow because that is a colour associated with the sun, which is the main message of the memoir. I placed the text diagionally down my leg because it seemed to fit next to my skin, which is part of the message of the memoir.

The Gaia Virus: by Jen and Kyla 


It was the year 2050. Cities were over populated, pollution was at an all-time high, and there was no green space left. We had exhausted all of the natural resources long ago. There was only so long we could continue this way…
I woke up to the scent of the outdoors. Fresh pine, moss and morning dew, I must have left my window open. Still half asleep, I swung my legs out of bed searching for the floor in the darkness of my room. When my toes found the ground, they sunk into what felt like a wet and cold sponge, tickling my feet. The shock was enough to make my eyes adjust to the morning darkness. My head automatically snapped down towards the ground where my feet had disappeared ankle deep into about 15 inches of lush, vibrantly green grass. Grass? This must be a dream. My whole bedroom…

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